Fetchgals - Webspider to download free porn


Today, commercial porn sites are advertised like this: somebody puts together a thumbnail gallery, i.e. a web page with small thumbnail pictures linking to free full-size images or movies, and provides a link to the pay site. These thumbnail galleries are listed on central websites called Thumbnail Gallery Posts (TGPs). Unfortunately, many TGPs add a layer of redirects, popups, spyware and viruses. Fetchgals is designed to eliminate the TGP middle men, to achieve a satisfying masturbatory experience.

The fetchgals distribution comes with a huge list of TGPs. This list was generated by a separate script called findtgps, which is also included in the distribution. Fetchgals visits these TGPs in order to locate thumbnail galleries. The images and movies of these galleries can then be downloaded. Since there's a couple hundred gigabytes of free porn on the internet at any given time, fetchgals constantly monitors local disk space to avoid overruns. Alternatively, fetchgals can create local HTML pages that link to the known galleries; this minimizes disk and bandwidth usage.

The script is written in perl and uses multiple threads to maximize throughput. Both fetchgals and findtgps are in the public domain.


You need Linux or some other Unix, and perl 5.8.0 or better. Furthermore, you need the Filesys::Df perl module which can be downloaded from CPAN. Installation instructions for that module are contained in the distribution's README file.


To download the newest version of fetchgals, go to the Project Summary Page.

Man pages

The following man pages are available:


For bug reports, patches or feature requests, use Usenet. Just post in any suitable newsgroup and put "fetchgals" in the subject line.

Future Plans

The biggest feature that's currently being tested is automatic classification of porn into user defined categories, so that the download can be restricted to specific categories.

Maybe we will abandon flat text databases altogether in favor of SleepyCat's BerkeleyDB. These are already being used by findtgps.

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